Sex & you

Sex & you

Saturday, May 19, 2018

How to prevent premature ejaculation

Despite the fact that most men really brag about their sexual expertise – many of them hide the fact that they have been suffering from premature ejaculation. Now, this isn’t a condition that can be pinpointed with certitude. Most health professionals agree that an ejaculation can be considered as premature is the person ejaculates within one minute of the beginning of the sexual intercourse.

This is not a devastating sexual disease that may ruin your life. But it may ruin your enjoyment of your sex life – not to mention the enjoyment of your partner. It can make you insecure and doubtful of your sexual prowess. So, are there some ways in which you can prolong your time in the sack without ejaculating prematurely?

Well, the truth is that there isn’t any hard science that supports the notion that you will be able to extend your ejaculation time. But still, many men report that they have had success with the use of certain methods.

The first method that we recommend you use is the Kegel exercise. This exercise works the pubococcygeus muscle that’s to be found along the pelvic floor. You do it by squeezing it as hard as you can and then relaxing it. You do this several times per day. It will enable you to have a much bigger degree of control over your ejaculations. Try it out and see if it works for you.

Edging is another thing that you could do. You do this when masturbating. All you need to do is to get aroused to the furthermost degree before reaching a climax. Then stop masturbating and clear your head for a while. Then continue to masturbate and try to reach the next climax – but again stop before you reach it. If you do this over and over again you will be able to train yourself to experience the climax much later than you usually did.

If you’re having sex and you sense that you’re near to your climax, then you may pull out your penis and squeeze its head tight. This will diminish your need for finishing and you will be able to get back to business. Many men report that this is a great tactic that they have used during intercourse with a high degree of success when it comes to prevent premature ejaculation of any kind.

That being said, practice is one of the most powerful ways in which you can prolong your premature ejaculation. It’s normal to feel very excited during the first few sexual sessions with a new sex partner. But after a while, you will get into a routine and you won’t have the sex drives to burst out so easily.

Either way, we hope that some of these exercises and moves will help you out in controlling your premature ejaculation. We hope that your sexual life will improve dramatically as a result and that your partner will be able to enjoy your sexual endurance a lot more than ever before.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Having Sex for the First Time for Men

Ever since the moment teenagers enter their adolescence – ideas start to shape up about having sexual intercourse. In fact, having sex is one of the most important elements of our DNA code because it enables us to continue our lineage as human beings. So, if you’re a person that’s about to have sex for the first time, then you may have some questions about it.

First of all, we must mention the fact that it’s completely okay for you to be nervous while you’re at it and in the moments leading to it. You’d be surprised at just how many men have been there before you and have felt just as afraid.

The reason as to why you may be afraid though may be because of the fact that you view sex as a performance art. You must not falter – you must be the virile alpha-male like the men you see in porn. You must rock the girl’s brains out – anything less than that and you would be deemed unmanly by her and by society as a whole – and worst of all, by yourself.

Our advice to you is to stop taking things so seriously. Perhaps it’s indeed the case that porn has instilled a picture in your mind of sex as a very straight-forward process where everyone knows their right sex position and what to do at any particular moment. But you need to know that porn is not reality in some part. You may come to awkward moments and positions while having sex and this is a normal part of the sex experiences.

And perhaps it will indeed be the case that you will fumble confusedly during your first sexual experience. The worst thing to do here is to cling to your (false) image that you will be a God in bed with a woman. Setting expectations this high may have the adverse effect of you being too frightened to do anything.

Likewise, don’t overthink things. Sex should be spontaneous. It’s okay to have a general outline of the positions that you would like to try out, but the worst thing that you could do is plan every possible detail of the experience. Don’t try to be too logical about sex. And don’t ask too many question. There’s not much more that can kill the entire atmosphere by asking questions such as “Can I put it there?” or “Can I touch you here, please?”.

You need to take your role as a man (unless you have some other system for the distribution of power, but that’s for another article) and be dominant in bed. Girls like that. Fall back on your primitive male mechanism and you will do just fine. And even if you stumble while you’re at it – it’s not the end of the world. The thing to remember here is that practice makes perfect. With time, you will be able to learn various details that will undoubtedly improve sexual performance in bed.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Bent Penis: The Best Sex Positions

The functionality of the penis is a big deal to most guys, which is one reason why possessing a bent penis can be a source of legitimate concern for many men. This can be especially true when it comes to how a bent penis may potentially alter the mechanics involved in intercourse. While practicing proper penis care is always advised to help with many common matters, in this instance an exploration of appropriate sex positions may prove especially helpful.

How bent?
It's important to realize that some curvature of the penis is normal. True, there are some men who possess a member which is totally straight when erect; however, it also is quite common for there to be some leaning to the left or right, or up or down. So curvature itself is not a problem; an issue arises only when the curvature presents to a degree that can potentially impede the penis' proper placement during sexual activity.

When the bend is potentially problematic, it may mean that adjustments need to be made to find the best sex positions. The following are some of the sex positions which may be more accommodating to a bent penis.

1) Sideways missionary. This position often works when a man's penis curves to the side (either left or right). It's a "mixed use" position, with the woman lying on her side, knees bent and the man lying atop her in the traditional missionary position. (The side that the woman lies on will depend on which way the penis curves). By essentially creating a situation in which the participants are at a 90 degree angle, this position helps to compensate for the bend to the side of the manhood.

2) Doggy style. If the bent penis curves in a downward slope, rear-entry positions tend to be ideal. Again, this allows the curvature of the penis to more naturally follow the vaginal lay. It also allows the male greater freedom to re-position himself - in some cases, literally keeping him on his toes - to change the angle of thrust as needed.

3) Sitting straddle. For men with an upward curvature, a woman-on-top position can be very helpful. One of the best involves the male sitting, possibly leaning back a bit and bracing himself with his hands or elbows. The woman straddles the male and lowers herself onto the penis, using her hands to guide the member as needed. This position can also be beneficial for penises that curve downward. With a downward-plunging member, the woman again sits atop the man, but faces away from him.

4) Standing straddle. As the name implies, this is similar to the sitting straddle - except the man is standing rather than sitting. It's another position that works best for an upward-curved penis, although some limber women have found that they can better accommodate a left- or right-leaning penis in this position as well.

Finding the right fit
Most men with a bent penis find the sex positions that work best for them with only a little experimenting. Sometimes, however, the penis can become more bent over time, often a result of rough sex, in which aggressive action causes small traumas which create scar tissue when they heal. Sometimes this tissue causes the penis to bend.

While finding good sex positions for a bent penis is an excellent idea, so is working to prevent scar tissue from adding to the degree of curvature. In addition to avoiding too-rough sex, it pays to apply a superior penis health

Friday, February 16, 2018

Best ways to improve your sex appeal

Sex is one of the most pleasurable activities in life. So, it makes perfect sense that we would try our best to maximize our sex appeal. And since this is a subject of extreme importance for most people, it means that there will always be some shady business people that would try to sell snake oil to you, masquerading in the form of sound advice. But the best things to do if you wish to increase your sex appeal are pretty basic, and common sense. Read below in order to find them out.

The first thing that we would say to you to do, regardless if you’re a man or a woman, if your goal is to be sexier, is to do some exercise. Both men and women find a fit body of the opposite case (in some cases of the same sex) very attractive. Of course, there are some people that are not to be pin holed in this category – and they prefer plump, and sometimes outright fat people, when it comes to sexual attractiveness. This goes to show that you can’t please everybody. But most people would say that physical fitness is sexually attractive. It will not only increase muscle size and tone, but it will also make you healthier – your skin, hair, and nails will start to shine with health, and you will have a spark of vitality in your eyes – which is always attractive.

The next thing is to do is to implement some fashion advice in your life. Most people think that this is a very difficult thing to do. On top of this, most people have the wrong idea about what it means to dress in a sexually attractive way. We recommend you to buy a book or two on the subject and to read them out. Also, you can ask some people that are more knowledgeable on the subject at hand – and you can even just open your eyes and see what sexually attractive people wear, and then try to implement that particular clothing to your own body and style.

One of the most important ways in which you can increase your sex appeal is not easily explained. It’s through being confident. The fact that this is not easy to explain is what enables sneaky salesman to sell courses on “how to become a sexual powerhouse by increasing your confidence in three easy steps for only $99.95”. We’d suggest that you keep away from these courses. Being confident is something that can only come from within you. It means that you’re leading a life of integrity where you are courageous enough to always respect yourself and the principles by which you stand. This will show through your demeanor in many ways, and one of the effects will be that you will be more sexually attractive.

And in the end, there is a part of sexual attractiveness that is simply genetic. There is no way to change this, so you’ll have to work with what you’re given. But if you implement some of the advice from above, you will find out that people’s heads will start to turn towards you, and that your sexual attractiveness has increased.